Backcast is an exclusive destination lodging property that, by design, has unsurpassed quality and limited availability. We want our guests to have a memorable time in the grandeur of the Rockies and receive the personalized attention they deserve . Basically, there are two choices:

The Bear Den

The Bear Den has a queen bed, a cozy wood burning fireplace and a large shaded porch. The bathroom has both an internal and an external entrance so that Ranger Station occupants can use the same facility.

The vision for this arrangement is that parents often like to be left alone, in luxury, while kids like a bit more adventure. The Ranger Station provides that adventure with two twin beds, a love seat, hickory card table and a wood burning stove. It is close enough to the Bear Den that kids are nearby but not too nearby. The Ranger Station has NO electricity or plumbing but we have actually had guests who prefer the rustic, yet very comfortable setting.

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Liberty Loft

The loft is above the barn with two bedrooms that share a bath. The main room has a queen bed and a view overlooking the loft pond. The walls are covered with antique presentations of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Gettysburg Address. The second bedroom contains a bunkbed with a queen size lower and a twin size upper. This room contains several antique slot machines as well as many historical financial documents signed by Presidents of the United States as well as Justices of the Supreme Court.

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