Expert Witness

You are likely thinking that this website is a pretty unusual place to present an expert witness but this is where I live and the granduer and solitude enable me to have an ideal setting to think and clearly assess situations without interruption. That said, I would like to present a brief commercial before you go back to the great scenery.

Leon Royer began his banking career in 1972 after graduating from college with a B.S. in accounting. He steadily expanded his banking knowledge (graduate of six banking schools including the Stonier Graduate School of Banking) and responsibilities moving from community banker to managing committee member and head of lending for a statewide (Oklahoma) affiliate of one of the ten largest banks in the country at that time. During this progression, in 1980 he visited western Montana for the first time and knew instantly that this is where we wanted to live and raise a family. From that time forward he molded his career to gain intricate, hands on knowledge of bank management and particularly all aspects of the lending and credit functions. During the course of this passage, he was responsible for agricultural, energy, commercial, commercial real estate, correspondent banking, private and executive lending as well as cash management for the affiliate referenced above. He then moved to the staff side of banking to take over credit and special assets for a large, troubled bank in Minnesota. As a member of the managing committee of that bank, he was instrumental in moving the bank's CAMELS rating from "4" to "2" in under three years without any re-capitalization required. In addition, under his management of the special assets function, he was able to, with the consent of the OCC, create a multi-million dollar reverse loan loss provision that substantially boosted the bank's capital and made it more attractive to prospective buyers. In 1995, he got the chance he had been searching for and moved his family to Bozeman, Montana to take over the complete operational management (holding titles of Vice Chairman, President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Credit Officer) of a community bank with five locations in western Montana - the fulfillment of a quest that began 15 years prior. During his time in Bozeman, he also served as an adjunct professor of a senior level finance course at Montana State University. He retired from the bank in 2013 and began his expert witness activities. If you would like additional information regarding his ability to assist you with your analysis of a case, please contact him at 406.932.4255 or by email at

Thank you for your interest.