As you likely know, western Montana is world famous for its fishing. The area south of Big Timber is no exception. From wade fishing on the East Boulder to float fishing the Main Boulder or the Yellowstone, a fly fisherman can enjoy the solitude while catching fish.

The East Boulder River is essentially a private river since there are very, very few points of public access. As a result, fishing is generally good. Fishing on the Backcast portion of the East Boulder is strictly with barbless hooks and is catch and immediate release. Fish are to be netted in a rubber net and are to remain in the water while having the hook removed. If you enter the river from our property, we ask that you strictly follow our requests. If you find this process to be inconvenient or unacceptable, please do not bother to make a reservation as we will immediately ask you to leave if you violate our request.

Backcast has two casting ponds – one with mostly brown trout (Loft pond) and the other (back pond) with largemouth bass. You are welcome to use these ponds to refine technique; however, at this time, we do not allow the use of a fly with a hook, of any kind, when casting into either of the ponds. We want these fish to be accustomed to human presence and easily visible to our guests.

If you are a self-reliant fly fisherman, you will be in good shape. If you are not as experienced, we suggest that you hire a guide. We know many experienced and trustworthy guides and can arrange the booking should you so request. We recommend that you book early as many guides book weeks or months in advance.