Important Information

No Smoking of Any Kind

The greatest threat that exists in this part of the world is the risk of fire. Under no circumstances is smoking or burning allowed.


The grandeur of Backcast is in part due to its remoteness. Plainly put, you will be almost in the middle of nowhere. An intrepid hiker can climb over our south fence (which borders the Gallatin National Forest) and hike all the way to Jackson, Wyoming without crossing private land. The Gallatin National Forest adjoins the Beartooth Wilderness which abuts Yellowstone National Park which borders Grand Teton National Park the south end of which is basically Jackson. The nearest medical care is 25 miles away (45 minutes on a good day). You need to keep this in mind. We think about it constantly whenever we fire up a chainsaw. As a result, we are very careful and very fit. Please keep this in mind before making a reservation. If you are not fit, you should not attempt strenuous outdoor activities because medical care is unlikely to be able to be of much assistance in the event of a serious medical emergency. There are plenty of relatively passive activities that you can enjoy while here. Lastly, in addition to being remote by urban standards, the elevation at Backcast is 5400 feet – higher than Denver. When you plan a stay, please keep the elevation in mind.


At Backcast, we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauties of nature. During your stay, you may experience the excitement of spotting a bear, mountain lion, elk or one of nature's other fauna. You may also take in the splendor of nature's wildflowers and other flora in southwest Montana, including wild iris, wild rose, mariposa lilies and Indian paintbrush. We pride ourselves in offering you these opportunities. At the same time, you must be cautious and mindful that you are sharing the great outdoors with nature's creatures, including potentially dangerous animals. You must remember that while much of nature's fauna is beautiful and harmless, you may encounter certain species that could be unsafe. While we strive to make your stay with us safe, we cannot control nature. Please keep this in mind during your stay.

Recreational Activities

We are very pleased to offer you the opportunity to enjoy many recreational activities during your stay at Backcast. You can fish right outside your door or you can cast your fly for a prize trout in the Main Boulder or the Yellowstone Rivers. If you prefer to stretch your legs a bit, Backcast shares a boundary with the Gallatin National Forest which contains trails to entertain all levels of hikers. If you seek additional adventure, you can experience the thrill of a rafting trip on the Main Boulder in the spring, enjoy horseback riding nearby or test your skills on the firing range. The outdoor activities are only limited by your interests. We are glad to provide you access to these activities. In return, you must appreciate that these activities, like many outdoor and recreational activities, involve inherent risks that may lead to injury to yourself, to others or property damage. These risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential character of the activities. With that in mind, to participate in any of these activities, you must be willing to accept those risks and conduct yourself in a safe and responsible manner in order to minimize the risk of injury to yourself, to others or to property. We will strive to make your stay with us safe and enjoyable and ask that you do the same.


There is no guarantee that your phone will work at Backcast (some people do have mobile service while others do not – even with the same carrier). Once you get eight miles south of Big Timber, voice service is very spotty although text is usual operational (no guarantees). Wi-fi is available here and is generally reliable. If you must bring a computer in order to “relax” then you can remain in touch, usually. Neither the Liberty Loft nor the Bear Den has a telephone. If you need to use the telephone during your stay, and you are unable to obtain a connection with your phone, you are welcome to use the Backcast phone so long as you do not abuse the convenience. Additionally, neither the Bear Den nor the Liberty Loft has satellite television service. The main house does have satellite that will enable you to keep up on the news to help you “relax”. 


We are evangelical Christians. We do not say this in an effort to proselytize or to offend the beliefs of others. That said, if you enter the Main House, you may see a picture of Jesus Christ. We are proud of that picture which is in a hallway. While guests generally dine in what we call the “farm kitchen” below the loft, occasionally guests dine at our family table in the Main House. If you do, we will say grace and conclude the prayer “in Jesus name”. If either of these displays of our faith might offend you, please do not make a reservation.